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Laser Innovations provides 3rd party service & support of the 3D Systems' solid imaging product lines. SLA-1, SLA-190, SLA-250, SLA-350, SLA-500, SLA-3500, SLA-5000 & SLA-7000.

Laser Innovations currently offers Solid state laser system conversions for the older Ion laser based SLA-250 & SLA-500 machines. Our laser systems offer the same laser technology found at the heart of the new SLA-7000 machine. Our expertise in laser system integration has allowed us to provide a cost effective alternative to purchasing a new SLA machine. For a fraction of the cost of new, our customers can see the their production levels increase, their overhead decrease, and enjoy the profits.

Product pricing in the U.S. begins at $87,500 for a new solid state laser, with a 3 year / 15,000 hour warranty. A mere fraction compared to the $799,000 price tag for the "feature-rich industrial SLA system." offered by 3D Systems.

Based in Santa Paula, Calif., Laser Innovations was founded on Feb  17 1988 and is recognized as the market leader in providing 3rd party service, repair, and system integration for many OEM market places.

For additional information, please visit the company's website at or by phone (805) 933-0015 or fax at (805) 933-0042.

For consulting services, please e-mail us at

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