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RPC Ltd. (Rapid Prototyping Chemicals) carries in its broad range of stereolithography resins a selection of products, denoted RPCure xxx ND, which are specifically designed for use on SLA's with solid state lasers operating at 355 nm wavelength. These materials have been developed and optimized using a commercial UV solid state laser of the Nd/YVO type with high frequency Q-switch operation, and have been demonstrated to be compatible with other laser brands including Solid State lasers from Laser Innovations.

Bettina Steinmann
RPC Ltd.


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 Solid Imaging/Rapid Prototyping Materials

Dear Prospective Customer:

Stereolithography is quickly shifting to systems with solid state lasers. Realizing the need for third party resources to provide solid state laser upgrades, DSM Somos has worked closely with laser company representatives, such as Laser Innovations, to optimize the use of DSM Somos resins. Any DSM Somos resin which ends in XX20, such as Somos 7120, Somos 8120 and Somos 9120, can be used with these systems.

If you have any further questions about how our resins work with these systems, we would be happy to answer them.


Michelle P. Wyatt
Technical Marketing Engineer


2 Penn's Way, Suite 401, New Castle, DE 19720 USA     Tel: (302) 328-5435  Fax: (302) 328-5693

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