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This website is brought to you by Laser Innovations. A dedicated 3rd party service & support company, that specializes in the repair of Coherent Ion laser systems, and Solid State laser system integration.

This website is dedicated to our SLA Customers.

The work of yesterday's Ion lasers will be replaced by the more efficient, and reliable Solid State lasers of tomorrow. With the ever increasing demand to convert to new laser technology, our company has expanded to capture this hi-tech wave. Laser Innovations is placing this new Solid State technology into your SLA machines.


As a service provider since 1988, Laser Innovations knows what the customer requires. Fast support & reliable product, backed by a commitment to a job done right.

CA Companies get financial support



"No man knows what price he pays for substandard parts, or slipshod service,
until fate adds the cost of tragedy to his bill."

In Memory of...

George Carroll
Ventura, CA 

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